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UFO Apps

End To End Software Development

From Idea to App Store

UFO Apps offers expert end to end software development for iOS and tvOS. We have extensive experience designing, coding and delivering commercial software for both large and small companies. Our full cycle software development process takes your app idea from design to App Store submission.

Designing, developing and bringing an iOS or tvOS app to market is an art and a science that requires a variety of specialized skills. It takes a great deal more work than people think to design, code, test and release an app, and the entire process can be confusing to those unfamiliar with software development or Apple’s strict standards.

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These skills combined with our extensive experience delivering commercial software to market will ensure that your app launches successfully


The design of your app should focus on creating an intuitive and visually appealing user experience. User’s expect your app to look, feel and act like an iOS or tvOS app. UFO Apps works with you to create an app that has a clean, functional and visually appealing design with an intuitive user interface that conforms to Apple’s standards.


We have over twenty five years of programming, database and user interface experience. UFO Apps has expert knowledge of Objective C, Swift, Xcode, Interface builder and Apple’s frameworks.


Ensuring your application looks and acts the way it should without crashing.


Apple’s TestFlight allows your app to be distributed to beta testers inside and outside of your organization for testing and usability feedback. UFO Apps has extensive experience managing TestFlight app distribution and user accounts for iOS, tvOS and iMessage apps.

Project Management

Many projects get bogged down by features that have little or nothing to do with the app’s core functionality. UFO Apps works with you to identify the essential features and functionality of your app to ensure that it is released in a timely manner before your competition’s app is released.

App Store

The final step in bringing your app to market is submitting it to Apple's App Store. The App Store submission requirements are involved and require that you follow Apple's rules precisely otherwise Apple will reject your app, delaying its release. The vast majority of app downloads are generated by App Store searches which are influenced by your app’s metadata. UFO Apps has extensive experience with Apple’s App Store submission requirements and with optimizing app metadata to ensure your app is found by customer searches.

Our process


Specify and prioritize your application’s features and functionality.


Creating clean, functional and visually appealing designs with an intuitive user interface that conforms to Apple’s standards.


Complex custom code that utilizes memory efficiently while delivering a responsive user experience.


Ensuring your application looks and acts the way it should without crashing.

App Store

Submission requirements are complex and involved. Apple requires strict adherence to their rules.

It’s not about ideas.
It’s about making ideas happen.