iMessage Development

iMessage Apps and iMessage App Extensions are built using iOS frameworks that are similar to the frameworks used to develop iOS apps. UFO Apps has over 5 years experience building apps with the iOS frameworks and we can build your iMessage app or build and add an iMessage extension to your app. iMessage app store submission involves more steps than iOS or tvOS app submission; we have experience submitting iMessage apps to Apple’s iMessage Store.

iMessage Apps
iMessage Development
iMessage Sticker Packs

iMessage Sticker Packs

iMessage Sticker Packs can either be an extension to an iOS app or a standalone application. Apple has restrictions on the dimensions and file size of stickers. UFO Apps has experience building iMessage Sticker Packs with both animated and static stickers. We also have experience submitting iMessage Sticker Packs to Apple’s iMessage Store.


iMessage Store app and sticker pack submission requires a different set of graphics than for iOS or tvOS app submission. UFO Apps can work with you or your graphic designer to create the graphics necessary for iMessage Store submission.

iMessage Store

iMessage Store submission is more involved than iOS or tvOS app submission. Our experience with iMessage Store app submission will ensure that your app or sticker pack launches successfully.


  • Swift
  • Objective C


  • Xcode
  • Interface Builder
  • iTunes Connect
  • TestFlight
  • iOS Simulator
  • Affinity Photo
  • Git


  • iMessage Store Submission
  • iMessage Sticker Pack Animation

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